Best Sandwiches in Annapolis




This is a story of sandwiches.

Here are some of our very favorite sandwiches we have had recently in Annapolis restaurants. What we found is that Annapolis is a great sandwich town! Every venue has its own personal take on the classics—and innovative ways to put it all together. Sandwiches are also ideal for sharing. Divvying up a couple of sandwiches to share among friends is a delightful way to experience the inner workings of a clever chef’s mind and to discover together what makes each sandwich great.



303A Second Street, Annapolis 21403  |

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

A dining companion suggests this is the Thelonious Monk of the sandwich world, with its quiet, penetrating tastes of subtle ingredients. On griddled sourdough bread, there is a melody of grilled chicken, bacon, and melted provolone cheese. Spicy Buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, and bits of blue cheese round out this improvisation on classic Buffalo wings. A great reason to bebop to Eastport. — $11.98

Chicken Biscuit

This is an amusing sandwich to behold. A tender homemade biscuit holds a piece of fried chicken breast that is much larger than the biscuit. You have to make your way around the chicken to get to the flaky biscuit—which isn’t a bad thing. The chicken is soaked in a milk-and-Buffalo sauce before being battered and fried to crunchy perfection. Sriracha honey drizzled over the whole sandwich delivers oomph. This sandwich is comfort food at its finest.  — $10.89



400 Chester Avenue, Eastport  |


Craving a classic Reuben sandwich? Davis’ Pub has a respectable version with generous slices of corned beef, melty Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut, touched lightly with Thousand Island dressing. The kitchen has a great handle on frying this sandwich properly; the rye bread is studded with a smattering of parsley, then griddled with just the right amount of oil. It’s served nice and hot. Have plenty of napkins on hand. — $13.99 



923 Chesapeake Avenue, Annapolis 21403  |

The Eastportorican

This take on the Cuban sandwich is delicious with hot-from-the-griddle fire-smoked ham and roast pork, melty gruyère cheese, and a crunch of housemade dill pickles on a toasted roll. “There are lots of different things in your bite that are good,” states owner Tony Moynagh. — $9.50 

Johnny Mac’s Pestorini 

This sandwich is a powerhouse of a conglomeration. This chicken, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is enlivened with pickled poblano and red onion and laced throughout with pesto. Melted mozzarella cheese holds it all together on a toasted sub roll with pesto mayo. This sandwich is named in honor of John McNamara, one of the Capitol Gazette victims, who loved the Pestorini. — $9.50


GIOLITTI  |  Italian Market and Delicatessen

2068 Somerville Road, Annapolis 21401  |

The Roman

The Roman is a classic cold cut sandwich with prosciutto, capicola, hot peppers, tomato, and onion, all dressed with a house vinaigrette on an Italian roll. All the flavors are fresh. This is a sandwich that is made to travel, perfect for picnics or an evening sail. — $8.48



302 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Suite H, Annapolis 21401  |

Black Garlic Roast Beef

This is one beautiful sandwich. The roast beef is piled high with a luscious espresso and truffle aioli. A pistachio pomegranate slaw and arugula add crunch. All is held in substantial housemade sourdough bread. During my visit to In Grano, I spotted Scott Herbst, owner of Sailor Oyster Bar, lunching with Max Jeffers, a local musician. They were both having the roast beef sandwich. “It has to be good for me to come to Riva to eat,” Herbst quipped. Amen, brother. This is a sandwich worth traveling for. — $16.00


McGARVEY’S  |  Saloon & Oyster Bar

8 Market Space, Annapolis  21401  |

Oyster Po’Boy

The oysters are trucked into McGarvey’s from the James River in Virginia each morning and afternoon, then shucked, battered, and fried to order. This sandwich has all the right component parts: crispy fried oysters, a smattering of crunchy coleslaw, slices of the freshest tomato I’ve seen all summer, and a drizzle of chipotle remoulade on lightly toasted French bread. This is the oyster po’boy that dreams are made of.  — $15.00 



164 Main Street, Annapolis 21401   |

Blue Catfish Gyro

This gyro is everything a gyro should be with a tangy cucumber yogurt sauce and chopped tomato. Then the combination veers. The kitchen engages in a little culinary alchemy, making a spicy terrine of blue catfish and slicing it onto the tender griddled flatbread. You would swear you were eating a traditional meaty gyro. But there is nothing fishy about this gyro; it is other-worldly. It stands on its own. — $18.00

Mushroom “Cheesesteak” 

On a submarine roll, Preserve layers caramelized mushrooms and onions, drapes it with a “dreamy creamy” sauce, and delivers a punch with a super-spicy hot pepper relish. This is a great vegetarian take on the East Coast classic. The flavors have a way of imprinting on your brain, eliciting thoughts of returning and having another super-spicy sloppy sandwich. — $14.00



We tried many more sandwiches around town that we did not include because we found them uninspired or ordinary. The best way to find your favorites is to get out and try them. Share them!  Buon appetito!



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