ADU – Your Appliance Source

ADU - Your Appliance Source

ADU - Your Appliance Source

1823 George Avenue Annapolis, MD 21401


Appliance Distributors Unlimited (ADU) was founded in 1983 by Thomas Oliff, a pioneer in the industry. He successfully ran ADU with integrity, a strong commitment to community, and by making sure his showrooms were staffed with industry experts. After his passing in 2017 his daughters Linda Oliff-Rohleder and Christy Oliff took his five locations and incorporated them into their three former Appliance Sources, merging to create one large “small” business. Moving forward, they have combined logos and tag lines to rebrand the company and are proud to introduce the new ADU, your appliance source.   

Appliance Distributors Unlimited is the ultimate source for kitchen appliances in the mid-Atlantic region. Since 1982, they have been the destination for home builders, kitchen designers, contractors, property managers and homeowners remodeling their kitchens. They provide outstanding selections with eight local and luxurious showrooms servicing Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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