Feng Shui in the Garden

  Feng Shui in the Garden By Grace Schneider Feng shui is the Chinese art of placing elements within a house or garden to achieve positive energy, drawing prosperity, health, and well being. The word feng literally means “wind” and the

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Get Ripped at Home

  We all know we need to exercise regularly. Exercise relieves stress, helps with sleep, and improves cardiovascular health and overall quality of life. We’ve all heard how exercise increases endorphins, brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters that act as natural

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In the Kitchen: Wonderful Wild Waterfowl

In the Kitchen with Taryn Chase Grilled Duck Breast Story & Photography by Christine Fillat Lucky be the Marylander who lives on the water. It is possible to sustain yourself on what you can pluck from the water or shoot

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A Nantucket Cottage Built with Old-World Techniques

  Twelve years ago, Stacy and Steve Labbe began looking for a home in the Annapolis area. They soon found an older cottage on a small lot in Bay Ridge. With two young children, they would need a larger, more

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In The Kitchen: Caribbean Flavors

In the Kitchen with Esther Parker Story & Photography by Christine Fillat The winter doldrums are upon you. You wish for fresh, tangy flavors. You start with lobster, add some lime and spices. You toss together papaya, pineapple, pomegranate, add

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The Naval Academy & Annapolis: Baroque and Beaux Arts, Part 2

  The United States Naval Academy is an extremely rare example of multiple buildings and their setting all designed in the American Beaux Arts style. New York architect Ernest Flagg conceived the campus and all the buildings surrounding the quadrangle

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A Beauty on Winding Creek

When a couple from Philadelphia approached Chestertown architect Peter Newlin and asked him to design a weekend (and future retirement) house, he quickly sketched a design that would take advantage of the property’s natural beauty. The couple had recently acquired

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In the Kitchen: Reynolds Tavern Christmas Pudding

In the Kitchen with Marilyn Burge Reynolds Tavern Christmas Pudding Story & Photography by Christine Fillat The flavors of delicacies in life transport you: the crunchiness of the fig seeds, the bite of citrus zest, the enveloping aroma of a

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Fine Lines

      All the Zamoski family wanted from architect Hugh Jacobsen was a refuge on the Chesapeake Bay that they could leave for long periods of time without fear of vandals or Chesapeake Nor’easters. What they received is their

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