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TRIPLE GRAND PRIZE  |  Architecture: Purple Cherry Architects,
Custom Building: Pyramid Builders, Hardscape Craftsmanship:
Walnut Hill Landscape Company

By Robert Haywood  |  Photography by David Burroughs

Harness Creek Pool House_Ext


When I visited Dr. Wayne and Lori Anderson at their home, I observed on his office table a large book on Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater (1936–39). Wright designed a home that is at once distinct from nature in its strong geometrical forms and at one with nature in that it is built over a powerful waterfall and sited in a thick forest of trees and shrubs.

Clearly the Andersons desired a pool house that infused their home’s exterior with the thrilling pleasure of falling water, while enriching the property, which overlooks Harness Creek.

Designed by Purple Cherry Architects, the pool house has a rustic elegance. The Andersons put together a first-rate design and construction team, including Pyramid Builders, Campion Hruby Landscape Architects, Walnut Hill Landscape Company and Interior Concepts. Unlike the common pool house with gabled roofs, this one is a clean rectangular form of stone, Spanish cedar and glass.

The pool house is located on the side of the main residence so that it is not front and center, keeping clear views from the interior house of Harness Creek. The goal was to create a space that could be used throughout the year, which the team achieved by building three distinct areas. One is an outdoor living and dining area. Another is a meditation space consisting of a 12-by-12 glass cube, next to a luxurious stone bathhouse complete with a glass tiled spa shower and changing room. Pyramid Builders’ craftsmen fabricated the mahogany lattice door that serves as the connection from the changing room to the outdoor shower, as well as the timber and beam ceilings.

A stone wall, punctuated with waterfall features, extends along the far side of the pool, concealing the pool equipment and providing a privacy screen from neighbors. The impressive hardscape installation is the work of Walnut Hill Landscape Company. Walnut Hill masons carefully cut every piece of stone on all four sides and chiseled the sharp edges to give them a more naturalistic, rustic look.


Purple Cherry Architects,

Pyramid Builders,

Walnut Hill Landscape Company,

Campion Hruby Landscape Architects,

Interior Concepts, Inc.,



Annapolis Home Magazine
Vol. 8, No. 1 2017